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NRB Emphasis Domicile’s Role in Providing Services to Non-Resident Bangladeshi Customers


Domicile Design & Builders ltd. has a vast variety of patrons in Bangladesh, who specifically want a flat for sale in lucrative places of Dhaka Metropolitan City. However, a segment of our customers do not live in Bangladesh, yet are still very important to us- the Non Resident Bangladeshi customers!

We want to show all of our NRB customers that we care about them and they are very important for us even if though they are not living in Bangladesh. Developers might succumb to the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’, but not Domicile! We are offering NRBs facilities that they would especially benefit from. Our team has carefully brainstormed these facilities before offering them to our customers, and we truly believe that the NRB customers that we have will have an optimal experience with Domicile Design & Builders ltd. because of these features.

At Domicile we always go out of our way and develop innovative ideas to give our customers a superlative experience. This is how we maintain our status as the best real estate company in Bangladesh: by winning our customers’ hearts. We have segmented our customers so that we can address the unique needs of each category of our customers. The NRB is a very important category of our customer base, and we go out of our way to fulfill their requirements.

We have organized these services in terms of the status of construction of the project at hand. Check it out below!

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