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CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY: Belief is the elevator that takes us to the highest destination.
We firmly believe that there are not formulas and tenets for creating ultimate structures flexibility and adaptability Are the cornerstones of our organization. Believing in no boundaries, we incorporate technology and expertise at a global level with an objective to improve life locally. We deploy our insight and explore our foresight for unlocking check out this article the vast potential of the future. We reach out to modernity and sophistication, that’s ahead of time but being a principle-based organization, we closely adhere to our age -old value.
CORPORATE VALUES: Perform and then promise, A promise without performance seems empty.
With a firm belief that, while vision & mission from the organization’s head and heart, it’s the corporate values it holds, that forms its soul. At domicile, values form the very foundation on which we’ve built not only every structure, but have fortified our reputation of building land-mark of quality within the promised time schedule. Being in the real Estate Development business, we create high budget, life time landmarks which cater to the basic requirement of individuals or corporate, This understanding becomes a key reason for us to adhere to the highest standards of ethics honesty and integrity. From the blueprint to the blue sky….with every project, all our activities are in coherence with the corporate responsibility we should towards our customers, investors, employees and the environment.
CORPORATE MISSION: Progressing toward creating a better value life is progressive.
The objective is to continuously upgrade, improve and set new benchmarks that evolve with time and some times even before time. Our futuristic approach endeavors to blend technology, architecture, and value-added services to create lifestyles that even the next generation will aspire to live in. Domicile is a composite and well integrated real estate development house, where greater and more sustainable intellectual, structural and financial values are created with every square foot we develop.
BEYOND BUSINESS: Incorporation of a charitable Trust.
From the very inception, Domicile has been very conscientious of its social obligations is committed to the betterment of the community at large, in order to channelize the contribution to the society, a registered charitable Trust ‘’Domicile Chayaa Charitable Trust’’ has been established for promoting and conducting education programs, self independency by financial support to buildup agribusiness, inculcation religion, and offering medical relief to the poor & needy.
ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY: The best Environment which to awaken, to heal and to grow is one of complete freedom and total Safety. 
This policy confirm the commitment of Domicile design & builders ltd to carry out its health and safety responsibilities and duties in a manner designed to achieve and maintain a high standard of protection for our employees, the environment, property, equipment and the public in the conduct of our business. We will apply this policy and continually strive to enhance these standards in all of our operation from the initial planing and design stage through construction final turnover and start-up, and continuous operations. All DDBL management, supervisors and employees along with our direct contractor, subcontractor, consultants commercial agents and their employees are charged with the responsibility of providing and maintaining the highest degree of health and safety performance, and the protection of our environment, as well as the safety of others affected by our work . It is this commitment to excellence that motivates DDBL to be diligent in the placement of supervisors and the selection of contractors and suppliers. Though our established programs, as well as relevant training and open communication, we nurture the employees ’desire to excel in the areas of environment, health and safety performance of the project work, While complying with the governments healthy & safety regulatory, requirements, we will also meet or exceed recognized standards an integral part of this policy.
GREEN ARCHITECTURE: Our Green Architectures are our Legacy, they’ll speak for us to the next generation.
Domicile design & builders ltd. is committed to be a big proponent of Green initiative in the Bangladeshi real estate market, its pioneered sustainable green developments are to be as a responsibility corporate civilized citizen and off course for a healthy Green clean environment under the slogan ‘’care for my rights to live healthy.” We at domicile aim to provide our customer a whole-building approach in all key areas of human and environmental health with natural ventilation and illumination designed to work with the exterior environment. These advance standards optimize comfort and utility thereby contributing to an excellent living and working lifestyle.
The immediate and most tangible benefits are:
Energy savings 30-50%
Intangible benefits
Enhanced air quality
Excellent day lighting
Health & well being of the occupants
Conservation of scarce national resources
Enhanced marketability for the project

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