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Domicile Design & Builders ltd A character that supports our reputation. A reputation of continuos research to apply every sq. Inch, every bag of cement,  every millimeter of steel, every man- hour,  every thought, every action, every heartbeat, every word towards evolving technology that helps create modern, more convenient and more comfortable homes. Homes with character that you and your future generation will live in. To all of us at Domicile, every structure has to be a living, breathing, loving, dwelling unit, that’ll offer evolving space to every member of every family, that will house its world in domicile home.Catalytic urbanization coupled with quicksilver infra structural development an exodus of populace into metros for better lifestyles and careers. Bangladesh’s growth curve is moving ahead rapidly, yet such exponential growth can continue to happen smoothly only when the wealth of natural resources is harnessed sensible and carefully therefore, it is crucial to maintain a harmonious balance between all round progress and environmental stability.

At domicile, we understand the need for sustainable economic growth, While participating in Bangladesh’s growth saga, we also want to emerge as the flag bearers for environmental sustain ability. With this philosophy ingrained in our conscience, we espoused ‘Green Design’ and Healthy living as the foundation for all the projects at domicile. ’Green Design’ is our selfless way of giving back to the environment what we take from it. Splendidly showcased in our residential project, all our structures are energy efficient, environment friendly and cost effective, So, while the environment revels in good health, people back in the glow of healthy lifestyles. Domicile dbl, as the name signifies creates spaces for healthy living, focusing on quality and appreciates the true value of customers time money and choice. It is the smile we create on every face and the lives we improve.

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